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About Byron

Byron Nelson

As an active 25-year member of conservative politics in Alberta and a 5th generation Albertan, Byron’s focus is on making the place that he raises his kids, earns his living, and enjoys his life, the place of opportunity that it once was. He believes in focusing right now on what needs to be done to serve the residents of Calgary Bow, represent their needs in Edmonton, and rebuilding Alberta's economic outlook. 

As a father, lawyer, and small business owner, Byron understands many of the pressures facing not just those living in Calgary Bow, but all of Alberta and he is ready to be your voice. Whether through quality education and healthcare, by bringing back the “Alberta Advantage” through a competitive tax structure, or by focusing on infrastructure to support small businesses, Byron's got vision and a fresh perspective.

Byron has been an active part of the Calgary-Bow community for many years, as a baseball coach, a hockey dad, and a past candidate. Byron is active with the Food Banks of Alberta, and for decades with the Shriners Hospital for Children, and has served in various leadership capacities within the organization.

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